Ryanair set for in-flight movie launch

Ryanair is to introduce in-flight movies and games which passengers will have to pay for, in a bid to increase revenues.

The low-cost airline’s portable in-flight entertainment system will have an initial trial on five Stansted-based aircraft from November,Rival low-cost airline easyJet has blasted the initiative as a deviation from the no-frills model and says it has no plans to follow suit.

An easyJet spokeswoman says: “This is simply not a no-frills activity. It’s a blatant frill we think is completely unnecessary on short-haul, low-cost, flights.”Passengers will be able to hire a portable video unit for &£5 for the duration of the flight and choose from programming including films, sport, children’s shows and music videos. The November film menu offers films such as I, Robot and Shrek 2.

A Ryanair spokeswoman counters criticisms that the average flight is not long enough to watch a feature film by saying that customers are likely to dip in and out of movies, sport and TV programmes.

Ryanair’s results in June showed turnover up by 22 per cent, to &£732.1m, in the year to March. However, average revenue per passenger fell as a result of fares in the low-cost sector being driven down by intense competition.