SABMiller on sustainability drive as it launches Prosper programme

Peroni and Grolsch brewer SABMiller is scaling up its sustainability efforts with the introduction of a branded programme and a new set of “ambitious” targets for 2020 as it looks to embed sustainability across its business.

Video: SABMiller outlines its new sustainability programme, Prosper


The new scheme, branded Prosper, includes plans to launch new marketing campaigns to encourage “moderate and responsible” alcohol consumption. SABMiller says this will include more global and local communications with the aim of positioning beer as the “natural choice” for responsible drinkers.

The programme also includes commitments to support half a million small businesses, improve water efficiency and food security and reduce SABMiller’s carbon footprint. The brewer says it will use its value chain – from farmers to retailers – to “drive inclusive growth, sustainable resource use and alcohol responsibility”.

SABMiller says it will work with partners, including suppliers, customers, consumers and communities, to address five big challenges. These include supporting sustainable use of land, securing water resources and reducing waste (see factfile below).

Alan Clark, SABMiller’s chief executive, says: “Today society faces major challenges and the stakes are getting higher: poverty, water scarcity, climate change, food security and alcohol-related harm all demand urgent attention to secure a prosperous future.  
“These pressing issues are shared by communities, businesses and governments and we must solve them together. Only those companies that are prepared to be part of the solution will be successful in the long term, and that’s why this approach is integral to our business strategy.”

SABMiller is the latest brand to increase its sustainability efforts as consumers become more interested in finding out about the companies behind the products they buy and their values. M&S recently outlined plans to communicate better with consumers about its Plan A sustainability programme, while Unilever last year launched its first brand campaign in Project Sunlight to promote its sustainability work and Procter & Gamble has vowed to showcase its sustainability efforts through marketing.

SABMiller’s five sustainability goals
Accelerate growth and social development – by focusing on promoting entrepreneurship, particularly among women and disadvantaged groups.

Make beer a natural choice for moderate and responsible drinkers – by promoting robust standards and guidelines, launching new communications campaigns and supporting programmes to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

Secure shared water resources for SABMiller’s businesses, local communities and ecosystems – by building an understanding of water risks and creating community partnerships to manage them.

Create value by reducing waste and carbon footprint – by driving down emissions from brewing, promoting sustainable packaging and prioritising low energy fridges.

Support responsible, sustainable use of land – by creating secure, sustainable supply chains and helping farmers to increase profitability, productivity and social development.


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