Sadly, The Sun will never shine

I want to unreservedly praise Sean Brierley’s article on The Sun (MW last week). Hallelujah, I have wondered for years how on earth The Sun has remained “the nation’s favourite”.

I am part of the nation and I am not far off despising The Sun and all that it stands for. In fact, I don’t have much time for the red-tops per se, but The Sun is the worst offender. (I can’t really count The Star, as I’m not sure that’s classed as a newspaper.)

The Sun is everything bad about Britain. It’s the first to open its foul mouth and quickly put its bovver boots in. It pretends to care about victims of crime, when all its real focus is on breeding prejudice and hatred of the perpetrators, not on justice.

Its recent front page, following the BBC’s undercover report on the BNP, condemned the BNP for being racist to the core. How can this newspaper throw such stones when its “journalists” have been guilty of inciting racism and ignorant prejudice for decades?!

If you walk into any pub in Britain, you’ll hear the absolute drivel people spout regarding asylum-seekers, immigrants and refugees – not knowing the difference and all having been educated (ha ha) by The Sun!

I was most impressed by the article and hope a copy has been circulated to The Sun and its board.

These institutions, which can influence so many, give me the shivers and the people who write for them must make professional journalists feel they don’t deserve the title of journalist.

Anna Foxall

supplied via e-mail


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