Safeway rebrands Scottish stores

Safeway is to rebrand its 116 stores in Scotland with a new logo featuring the country’s national flag, the St Andrews Cross, and the strapline: “Safeway: proud to serve Scotland.”

The new regional identity will feature on carrier bags, staff uniforms and store signs. It will also appear on 60 own-label products sourced from Scottish suppliers.

The rebrand will be launched with a two-week local ad campaign in conjunction with a consortium of Scottish suppliers, called Scotland the Brand.

More than 60 Scottish suppliers are poised to take part in price deals, in-store promotions and sampling in a bid to promote their products.

Safeway will also launch a quarterly Safeway magazine for Scottish customers, featuring news on local products and recipe ideas.

A Safeway spokeswoman says: “We are starting to do much more on regional branding.” But she adds that the supermarket chain has no plans to rebrand its stores in other UK countries, such as England or Wales.

David Webster, chairman of Safeway, says: “We’re really proud of our Scottish heritage and are delighted to be working with Scotland the Brand on encouraging more of our shoppers to buy local products.”


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