Sainsbury’s bites again

Oral healthcare sub-brand launched by Sainsbury’s takes on the likes of Colgate and Macleans

Sainsbury’s is taking on top toothpaste brands Colgate, Macleans and Aquafresh with the launch of a new oral health care sub-brand.

TOPS, which stands for Total Oral Protection System, will be in stores next week. It will feature 80 lines across products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwashes. The range will be advertised in stores and through dentists.

It is the latest in a long line of sub-brands from Sainsbury’s, which has taken on brand leaders in the detergent, cola and petfood markets.

The launch comes at a buoyant time for the oral healthcare market, which spends up to 40m a year on advertising (Register-MEAL). It has more than doubled in value over the past ten years.

The oral healthcare market, worth about 400m a year, is dominated by Colgate Palmolive, which has a share of more than 30 per cent by value with products such as Colgate and Ultrabrite.

SmithKline Beecham has about 26 per cent by value with Macleans and Aquafresh, and Elida Gibbs has a declining share of 11 per cent with brands Mentadent P, SR, Signal and Close Up.


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