Sainsbury’s fuels petrol price war

Sainsbury’s has kick-started a new battle in the petrol price cutting war with a pledge to cut prices by 3p per litre, backed by a promotion that offers further reductions for customers spending £50 on shopping.


The reduction has been introduced today (21 Monday) across the supermarket’s 266 petrol stations.

Coupons offering an additional 5p per litre off fuel bills will be issued to customers spending £50 or more in shops or online. A print campaign to back the promotion has also launched today.

Richard Crampton, Sainsbury’s head of fuel, says: “We know that fuel continues to be a big part of many household budgets and we are committed to helping our customers cut down on cost whenever we can. Wholesale fuel prices have dropped across Europe and we are delighted to pass these savings onto our customers.”

Rivals have also stepped up petrol price promotions. Tesco is said to be offering motorists a 10p discount when they buy 18 Andrex toilet rolls, while Morrisons is cutting prices by 12p per litre for customers spending £60 or more.



Allianz launches Champions League campaign

Seb Joseph

Allianz is to launch a marketing campaign to promote its title sponsorship of the stadium that will host the UEFA Champions League final this weekend after all non-sponsors of the tournament were forced to remove their branding from the venue.


Yahoo! appoints CMO

Lara O'Reilly

Yahoo! has appointed Mollie Spilman as its chief marketing officer as it looks to steady the ship following the departure of several key executives in recent months.

Lara O'Reilly

Facebook can’t just sit on its data goldmine

Lara O'Reilly

Facebook now has a higher valuation than McDonald’s and Disney following its IPO. Staggering at first thought but not so surprising when you consider how much people, including its investors, interact with the brand on a daily basis. But while Facebook appears to have the stimulant to keep consumers coming back for more, the advertisers so vital to its revenue are starting to crave a tonic to ensure their repeat return: data.


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