Sainsburys launches pre-pay gift card

Sainsbury’s is launching a pre-pay gift card, which it hopes will become the “gift of choice” for birthdays and Christmas for loyal consumers. It comes just weeks after it announced plans to launch the Meal Ticket card aimed at students and parents.

The gift card, which is being launched with PrePay Technologies, will be available in over 750 stores across the country. Customers can load the cards with amounts from £1 to £750 or buy pre-denominated cards that are loaded with a specific amount.

It is hoped that the card can also be used to help customers with budgeting weekly shopping, and they will also be available for corporate customers.

Last month, the supermarket announced it was launching the Meal Ticket card, which will allow parents to load cards for children living away from home. It can be used to buy groceries and homewares in Sainsbury’s stores, as well as in coffee shops and petrol stations.


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