Sainsbury’s marketing to focus on “new fashioned values”

Sainsbury’s is to focus marketing messages on what it calls a set of “new fashioned values”, that place as much importance on sustainable behaviours as price.

Sainsbury's marketing will focus on 'new fashioned values'.
Sainsbury’s marketing will focus on ‘new fashioned values’.

In a report published today (21 November), to mark a year on from the launch of Sainsbury’s 20 x 20 sustainability and CSR plan, the supermarket claims that more than eight in 10 UK consumers have changed their behaviour in the last year.

It says shoppers are “re-purposing” principles and behaviours of past generations to adapt to the continued pressure on household budgets at the same time as maintaining their values. Shopping lists, weekly meal planning and using leftovers are all becoming more prominent, the supermarket says.

Customer communication is key to the way Sainsbury’s says its 20 x 20 plan is supporting the “deep and sustained change” affecting shoppers.

Sainsbury’s says campaigns such as ‘Love ugly fruit’, ‘Switch the fish’, and ‘Love your leftovers’ for helping shoppers adopt sustainable behaviours and “balance aspirations with … squeezed budgets”.

It claims that it has increased sales of sustainable sourced food by 8.5 per cent in the last year and that £1 in every £10 spent on sustainably-labelled products comes from families on the lowest incomes, showing that values do not disappear because budgets are tight.

Justin King, Sainsbury’s CEO, says: “Our customers are recalibrating their spending but they’re not prepared to compromise their values.  The credit crunch has not led to a values crunch.  We’re seeing people from all backgrounds re-discovering some of the shopping habits of the past to ensure they can meet the values driven aspirations of today.

“Although people have less, they actually care more. The downturn has led to a strengthening of values, irrespective of people’s income.  We believe this is not a passing phase but a fundamental change that is here to stay.”

Sainsbury’s 20 x 20 is set of 20 commitments due to be completed by 2020 with British produce, sustainable sourcing and health and well-being at the heart.



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