Sainsbury’s new line lives well


Sainsbury’s decision to drop its “Try Something New Today” strapline in favour of “Live Well for Less” should help the supermarket finally shake off the perception that it is more expensive than Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.

The new communications strategy will “drive everything Sainsbury’s does” according to group commercial director Mike Coupe, which indicates how important it is to shift consumers’ price perceptions.

Sainsbury’s has worked hard to assert its quality positioning and Sainsbury’s sits closest to Waitrose in this regard, which is why it is still thought of as the more expensive end of the market.

In reality, there is very little difference between an average basket price at all four of the major supermarkets – particularly when you take into account all the brand match promises across the sector.

Try Something New Today, has been part of Sainsbury’s messaging for six years, and the supermarket has very successful in this time, gaining market share and posting consistent results despite the challenging economic backdrop, but it has never been very tangible.

With “Live Well for Less” Sainsbury’s wants customers to stop thinking it is more expensive at the same time as retaining its reputation for high quality.

The first set of ads launched today showing a man and a little boy sitting on the beach eating sandwiches and drinking tea next to a long-copy mission statement explaining Sainsbury’s new approach to communicating with customers.

It states: “Helping you live well for less isn’t about saying that our food will always be cheaper that other supermarkets (we’ll never compromise on quality and are committed to bringing you products sourced responsibly) but it will cost less that you thought at Sainsbury’s.

“Sainsbury’s will never scream its value message in the way Asda and Tesco do, instead taking the more subtle approach to appeal to shoppers emotions.”

To see a Sainsbury’s campaign, click here



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