Sainsbury’s overhauls brand messaging

Sainsbury’s is overhauling its marketing messaging under the strapline “Live Well for Less”.

Live Well for Less

It will replace the current strapline “Try Something New Today” and will be integrated into the supermarket’s marketing communications.

Sainsbury’s will be hoping that the approach will help shift perceptions that it is more expensive than its rivals.

Group commercial director Mike Coupe says: “Sainsbury’s Live Well for Less marks a huge step forward in how we deliver to our customers.  We know that budgets are under more and more pressure but people still want to have the quality products and goods that they can trust.

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“Live Well for Less will drive everything we do. We are not resting on our laurels, we are ensuring that we will help customers to enjoy competitive prices, without compromising on quality or values.”

Sainsbury’s is launching a major TV, print and digital ad campaign to  support the new marketing strategy, created by AMV.BBDO.

The supermarket says the “Live Well for Less” concept has come from an 18 month review of the business, talking to customers and suppliers and reviewing its own brand ranges to improve quality, taste and packaging without increasing prices.

Sainsbury’s is also trialling a brand matching initiative that gives shoppers a money off coupon giving them the difference back if their shopping would have been cheaper at Tesco or Asda. The brand match operates in 12 stores in Ireland and is expected to roll out across the business.

The shift comes as Sainsbury’s has ended its partnership with Jamie Oliver who has fronted the supermarket’s advertising for a decade.

Former MasterCard and 118 118 exec Mark Horgan is also due to join Sainsbury’s as its most senior marketer in the next few months



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