Sainsbury’s scheme no threat to Nectar

The assertions made in your article “Sainsbury’s launches new Tesco-style loyalty scheme” (MW last week) concerning Sainsbury’s and Nectar were grossly incorrect. We have recently launched an initiative called Connections, which involves sending our customers offers through the post for products they’re interested in. But to suggest that Connections could ever be a replacement for any kind of loyalty scheme is wide of the mark as it does not generate any data, instead relying wholly on information from Nectar.

Our participation in the Nectar loyalty scheme provides added value for Sainsbury’s shoppers, and this launch, together with that of Fresh Ideas magazine last year, shows how we’re continuing to use the information it provides in a beneficial way for our customers.

Rather than this recent move signalling the end of Nectar, as your article suggests, it, in fact, further maximises the benefits that Nectar membership offers our customers.

Leigh Rengger

Head of Loyalty


London EC1


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