Salary survey 2012: Salaries in the regions

Not surprisingly, marketers earn more in London than anywhere else in the country. The average marketing salary in the capital is £47,963, which is more than 45% higher than in Wales (£32,915).

The sample for Wales was much smaller than for the capital, but it demonstrates how London and the south-east (average salary £44,005) remains a magnet for ambitious marketers looking to work with big brands.

Marketers in Northern Ireland earn an average of £41,417, which is considerably higher than those in Scotland (£36,000) and in the north-east of England (£34,674).

The average salaries for the east of England (£40,531), the south-west (£39,244) and the West Midlands (£38,495) are relatively consistent, but the average figure for the north-west was lower than might be expected, at £37,242.

Average salaries for particular job titles also vary by region. A marketing director in London earns an average of £87,668, compared with £85,000 in Scotland and £54,000 in Wales, while marketing managers in the capital average £40,438 compared with £31,944 in Scotland and £31,800 in Wales.


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