Salary survey 2012: Title versus sector

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It is not so much marketers’ seniority that helps increase their pay packets but what sector they work in. The average marketing director’s salary is £77,799, but this varies considerably by sector. In financial services, a marketing director earns an average of £107,000, while the figure is slightly higher for executive
working with automotive, cable and satellite and telecoms brands.

Following some way behind are marketing directors working for retail (£98,409) and FMCG (£95,155) brands. After those are the marketing directors working in the leisure (£67,353) and charity (£52,781) sectors, while marketing directors working in consultancies across most disciplines average well below £70,000.

For marketing managers, salaries also vary across sectors. A marketing manager at an alcohol brand earns an average of £53,091 whereas in FMCG, the figure is £45,328.

For those with skills that are in demand, such as insight managers, there is also a significant sector difference. An insight manager working for an FMCG brand earns on average £42,222, while the post in retail brings in £37,654 and in publishing £32,167.

Graduate trainees will also earn more depending on which sector they are recruited into. The overall average is £21,461, but it is higher in charities (£25,500) and financial services (£24,000).



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