Salary Survey 2013: This year’s top earners

Marketers in the top 10 per cent of earners stay well above those in the top 50 per cent – see what they earn and in what role.

Salary Survey 2013: How does your pay compare?

Use our new interactive calculator to see how your wages rate against other marketers by job title, sector, age and gender

The sector you work in will have a bearing on the salary you earn with a particular job title.

Marketing directors are paid an average of £93,472 in financial services, £93,000 in telecoms and £87,188 in FMCG, but in the charity (£61,177) and publishing (£59,944) sectors, salaries are much lower, perhaps reflecting the status of the marketing function in these industries.

Working on high-profile brands can boost your salary as a marketing manager. The average pay in FMCG is £41,807 and in alcoholic beverages £52,500, while in financial services, brown goods, publishing and charity, salaries are in the £30,000-£40,000 pay band.

Among the top 10 per cent of earners, marketing directors in FMCG earn an average £109,773 and £98,333 in healthcare.

The top 10 per cent of earners

– The average salary for this group is £96,997. This figure is down from £99,639 last year but up from £95,200 in 2011.
– The average salary for the top 50 per cent of earners is £62,785, which demonstrates how the top 10 per cent remain well ahead of the rest.
– The highest paid marketing directors earned an average £95,083, senior marketing managers/controllers £83,696, marketing managers £79,167, communications directors £90,556, heads of digital and e-commerce £85,000 and heads of CRM £88,333.
– The pay gap between men and women exists in the top 10 per cent category: male marketing directors earn £99,154, but females £90,357.


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