Salary Survey 2014: The knowledge gap

Digital marketing is the subject most respondents want to understand better, with almost a third saying they want to know more about it (31.7 per cent), followed by how best to use social media (17.1 per cent) and mobile (11 per cent).

Vital statistics

  • Digital marketing is what most marketers feel they lack knowledge in the most – with nearly a third (31.7 per cent) saying they want to know more about this area.
  • Social media is the second most popular area that marketers want to brush up on.
  • Marketers working in radio, outdoor media and alcohol feel the least knowledgeable about digital media.
  • Sports marketers, those who work in TV and people in home entertainment feel the least clued up when it comes to social media.

Libby Chambers, chief marketing officer at Freshfields says that anybody who has grown up using the internet and knows how to drive web traffic has an advantage over others.

She oversees 165 marketing staff globally and the business offers digital training to stop staff defecting to tech companies.

“It’s almost as if you’ve got to stop people thinking they need to go and work at Facebook in order to learn digital tools,” Chambers says. “I want everybody to feel they can become a strong digital practitioner here.”

Meanwhile, L’Oréal has established what it calls a Digital Academy to get staff up to speed with digital, offering both live tutorials and online elearning.


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