Salary Survey 2019: The best (and worst) paid sectors for marketers

The annual Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey reveals consumer electronics and FMCG offer the highest wages for marketers in 2019, while those working in the charity sector earn the least.

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While a good working environment, opportunities to advance your career and job security are essential aspects to feeling fulfilled at work, how much you get paid can also make a massive difference.

The annual Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey of 4,415 marketers working across the industry reveals consumer electronics is the best paid sector for marketers in 2019, with an average wage of £63,949. This is followed by FMCG (£58,324) and the automotive sector (£57,597).

By contrast the survey indicates that the charity sector is the least well paying for marketers, delivering an average wage of £42,014, closely followed by the public sector (£43,750) and construction (£43,937).

This compares to last year when marketers working in gambling and gaming, FMCG and consumer electronics earned the most. Those working in the charity sector were also the least well paid in 2018.


The analysis shows that men earn an average of £54,487 across all sectors of marketing, compared to women who bring home significantly less at £41,587. The average wage for someone working in ‘general marketing’ is £46,215, versus £42,902 for a digital specialist.

According to the survey data, the average wage for a marketing assistant across all sectors is £23,594, rising to £26,539 for a marketing executive and £31,767 for a senior executive. Take home pay rises on average to £35,276 for a junior manager, £42,503 for a manager and £56,585 for a senior manager.

While owners or partners earn on average £72,727, this figure is eclipsed by directors and vice presidents who take home £94,745 and board directors at £117,700.

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Having a high base salary, but fewer benefits is important to 85.1% of marketers, compared to just 22.7% who would prefer a lower base salary with significant benefits.

The analysis shows that receiving fair financial rewards is very important to 68.3% of female marketers and 66.2% of male marketers. However, just 8.3% of female marketers and 10.9% of male marketers believe their employers are very good at delivering fair financial rewards.

Furthermore, the survey reveals that despite adequate performance review structures being very important to 33.5% of female marketers and 27% of male marketers, just 9.9% of women and 7.5% of men believe their company is very good at delivering on this for their employees.

See below the full list of average wages per sector:


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