Samsung lets consumers produce ad campaign

Samsung has teamed up with online news portal Current Media to invite consumers in the UK to produce the ad campaign for its environmentally friendly touch phone “Blue Earth”.


The electronics giant will allow consumers in the UK and Italy to film their own messages on Current’s Viewer Created Advertising Messages (VCAM) platform. Some of the content will then be used to produce Samsung Mobile’s next television ad. The aim of the approach is to appeal to eco-friendly consumers.

Younghee Lee, vice president of global marketing at Samsung Electronics, says the company “expects to generate excitement” for the new handset, adding “it is even more important to engage younger consumers for this specific mobile Blue Earth, because the phone can help consumers to protect the environment.”

Samsung says it is experimenting with this format in an effort to “tap into the growing trend of engaging consumer segments in multiple countries with consistent messages via interactive campaign platforms”.

Lee adds: “Samsung recognises our consumer’s needs for eco-friendly mobile phones” and will continue to “fulfil their unmet needs.”

The smartphone has been designed to minimise carbon footprints by using recycled plastic, and offering a 5-star energy efficient charger and additional solar powered charging panel on the backside of the phone.


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