Samsung sells 600,000 Galaxy Tabs in first month

Samsung has sold 600,000 of its Android-based Galaxy Tab tablet devices in more than 30 markets since its official launch less than a month ago, according to the company.


The reports emerged in Samsung’s domestic market of South Korea and have been supported by mobile operators including O2, Orange and Vodafone.

The Galaxy Tab comes with 3G support from the UK’s leading mobile operators, similar to the iPad, but supports Adobe Flash, unlike Apple’s device.

UK sales figures have yet to be made publicly available.

Samsung’s tablet device launched in the UK this month and poses one of the biggest threats to the iPad’s market dominance in the sector. Brands including MTV are launching apps specifically for the platform to promote its TV shows.

However, Apple still leads the market, having sold 7.5m devices since launch and 4.19m in the fourth fiscal quarter, according to its latest earnings report.

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