SAS: What does big data mean for the future of marketing?


Lucy Handley, SAS introduction

The world of marketing is changing. The power is now with the consumer and toleration for poorly executed generic marketing is zero. It is becoming increasingly important to understand where customers are spending their time, both on and offline.

Big data analytics seems to offer the solution to this challenge for marketers, and Catalina Marketing is one of the companies that has been at the forefront of this revolution.

In this series of videos, our expert Eric Williams discusses big data and what it means for marketers. Eric is a veteran of data and analytics, having had a 20 year career at Catalina Marketing.

Click on the links below to watch Eric discuss specific aspects of big data.

The Rise of Big Data                                 The Impact of Technology

Data Challenges                                        The Future of Data Marketing


Letters: Segmentation will alienate individuals

Tess Waddington

I read with interest ‘UK consumers underwhelmed by their experience with brands’ ( and it comes as no surprise that many customers feel this way. With some brands still looking at consumers in segments rather than as individuals there will continue to be disconnect in customer experience as individual interests are not being recognised. Consumers […]