Save the Children asks models to try to make poverty sound sexy

Save the Children is following the success of its ‘If London Were Syria’ campaign with a new global marketing spot that asks models to try to make poverty sound sexy. 

Video: Save the Children’s ’Most important ’sexy’ model campaign video ever’ campaign

The two-minute YouTube film aims to expose the needs of mothers in war-torn countries. It ends with the models saying “we can’t make this subject sexy, but it deserves your attention” and a call for viewers to find out more and donate to the charity.

Carolyn Miles, Save the Children’s president, says: “We want people to do something for mothers who are facing extreme challenges every day. We know that talking about mothers and babies struggling to survive during war and disaster isn’t sexy. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something about it.”

The campaign was created by the US branch of the charity to coincide with mothers’ day but is being promoted globally, matching the strategy used to great success in the If London Were Syria campaign. That film was created by the charity’s UK arm and generated more than 24 million views in its first two weeks.

It continues Save the Children’s commitment to make the most of its resources by launching more global marketing messages and using digital to drive awareness and donations.

Save the Children also recently launched a separate campaign claiming to show a real-life birth on TV for the first time. That ad received more than 600 complaints over the distressing and graphic nature of the content but was cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority, which ruled it was unlikely to cause widespread offence.



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