Say Hello! to an ad man’s romantic life

Times would appear to be so hard for London’s ad men that they are having to sell intimate details of their love lives to the gossip columns.

The Diary was flicking through last week’s copy of Hello! magazine when it stumbled upon a five-page photo spread of hunky Steve Wallington, creative director of Leagas Shafron Davis design company the Met, cavorting semi-naked with a beautiful babe in some tropical paradise.

It emerged that the article was in fact about Steve’s girlfriend, actress Tina Hobley, who plays the barmaid in Coronation Street, although it revealed almost as much about him as it did about her (such as what he looks like in a pair of swimming trunks).

Steve is said to be “hugely embarrassed” by his Hello! debut, so embarrassed that Leagas Shafron Davis has ordered 50 magazines for agency staff and sent copies of the pictures to all its clients.


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