SCA to put logo on all brand marketing for the first time

SCA is shifting its brand strategy to put its logo on all marketing and communications for its brands for the first time in response to the rising interest from consumers in knowing about the company behind the products they buy.


The change, which is effective immediately, will see the SCA logo appear on TV, print and digital ads for its brands, which include TENA, Velvet and Plenty. The company says it hopes the move will raise awareness and perception of the SCA brand and in particular the work it does around sustainability, as well as reinforce its position as a “solid and trustworthy brand”.

Nicola Coronado, consumer marketing director at SCA, says: “SCA has an award-winning sustainability profile and by taking a prominent position alongside the company’s customer and consumer brands in all its print and electronic advertisements, we aim to reinforce SCA’s position,” she adds.

SCA is the latest FMCG company to put more marketing weight behind its master brand’s sustainability efforts.

Last year, P&G told Marketing Week it would start “singing” about its sustainability because it is the first topic customers want to talk about when they engage with the brand online. Unilever has also launched its first brand campaign, Project Sunlight, to back its sustainability message.



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