Scholl hunts for new group chief

Scholl Consumer Products, the retail to footcare group, is seeking a group marketing director following its decision to centralise international marketing.

The new group marketing director will be responsible for overall brand and creative strategy, and will be based at the group’s head office at Windsor.

The group plans to cut costs following a business review which found a wasteful diversity of packaging, marketing and advertising in 20 countries.

The chief executive of Scholl Neil Franchino says there has been too much local autonomy in the subsidiaries, particularly in new product development.

Centralised marketing may lead to the appointment of a worldwide agency network for Scholl’s advertising. In the UK, Woollams Moira Gaskin O’Malley has the bulk of the company’s advertising budget, with combined billings worth about ú1m (Register MEAL) across brands Foot Spray, Odour Attackers and Rough Skin Remover. Autan Fresco Lotion and Balm is handled by Bainsfair Sharkey Trott.

Scholl will look at standardised packaging, graphics and branding for products. The new director will also oversee npd.

The healthcare and footwear group parted company with UK marketing director Roy Gayton earlier this year. Day-to-day marketing is currently handled by business development director Andrew Chater. A new UK marketing director may be appointed.


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