Schweppes focuses on humour in latest ad campaign

Schweppes, the lemonade brand owned by Coca-Cola, is unveiling a new tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign focusing on its British heritage, which can be seen here.

The TV ad, which breaks today (12 July) and has been created by Mother, shows a suburban, middle class couple ignoring scenes of chaos surrounding them, and plays on the strapline “At the end of the day, there’s always a Schweppes.”

The humorous ad tries to represent “that nothing really matters as long as people have a Schweppes to look forward to as their first drink of the evening.”

Shelley Norris, senior brand manager for Schweppes, says: “This new campaign injects a modern twist onto the distinctly British heritage of Schweppes, reaffirming the brand’s tradition for iconic, humorous ads. We hope to amuse viewers by amplifying situations that they can relate to, showcasing a ’Keep Calm and Carry On’ mentality towards exaggerated daily occurrences.

“The ad reminds viewers that regardless of their day, they can always relax with a Schweppes as their first drink of the evening, making the end of a hard day that little bit easier.”

The campaign will run alongside the brand’s multi-million pound collaboration with Diageo, “Together for a Better Summer”, promoting the choice of spirit and mixer drinks for summer occasions.