Schweppes sends up Darling

schweppesSchweppes is launching a tongue-in-cheek Christmas campaign that takes a sideswipe at Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling. The satirical Christmas ad, created by Mother, features a bag of gold chocolates coins, with a card addressed to “Darling Alistair”.

It has been designed to give consumers a bit of comic relief in the midst of the economic gloom. It will launch almost a week after the Chancellor’s pre-budget report when he unveiled a £20bn package of tax cuts and spending plans.

The ad follows recent brand campaigns for Schweppes that make light of recent events, such as by mocking up scenes featuring celebrity look-a-likes.

The campaign will appear on 96-sheet sites in key cities across the UK, throughout December. Schweppes will also return to the poster on the Piccadilly site for the first time since it was purchased by Coca-Cola in the Fifties.


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