Sci-Fi Channel rebrands as Syfy

NBC Universal’s Sci-Fi channel is rebranding as Syfy in the UK to expand the perception of the channel.


The rebrand is part of a global strategy to broaden its appeal and follows the channel’s name change in the US.

The channel wants to move away from being associated with exclusively “sci-fi” content and hopes that the name change will allow for a smoother move into genres such as fantasy, supernatural, reality, mystery, action and adventure programming.

The new name will come into play on 13 April and will coincide with the premiere of US alien invasion series V and action drama Human Target.

The channel will be redesigned and will use the new tagline “Imagine Greater”.

The rebrand is part of NBC Universal’s repositioning its pay-TV channels around five core brands Syfy Universal, Studio Universal, Diva Universal, 13th Street Universal and Universal Channel.

The channel is available on Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk pay-TV platforms.


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