Scottish Courage prepares for McEwans campaign as sales drop

Brewing giant Scottish Courage is understood to be reviewing creative work for a new McEwans project. Roster agencies TBWA, Faulds and CDP are preparing to pitch for the business.

Little has been spent on advertising McEwans lager since a £10m relaunch in 1997. Its market share – once as high as 17 per cent – is believed to be declining, and at least one supermarket chain in its Scottish and Northern England heartland has stopped stocking it.

A buyer for the supermarket group says: “It would not surprise me if there was a relaunch in the next few weeks. McEwans’ sales have fallen away recently.

“We have had to stop stocking it. I think it would benefit from a new look or a new marketing campaign. McEwans is still a very popular product in some parts of the country.”

The company spent £1m on advertising the brand last year. Creative work is through CDP.

Its sister ale brand McEwans Export has also received little marketing support in recent years. Faulds handles McEwans Export.

Scottish Courage only advertises its three core brands, John Smith’s, Fosters and Kronenburg, nationally.

The company refused to comment on rumours of a relaunch but agency sources have confirmed that a project is underway, involving the three roster agencies.


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