Scottish Widows to run campaign on Blackberry devices

Scottish WidowsScottish Widows is launching a new campaign that includes advertising on BlackBerry devices for the first time. The group is believed to be the first financial services company using this as a tactic and will run a banner link on that can be accessed on a personal digital assistant (PDA).

The new campaign is to highlight the tax benefits of individual pensions and will break later this month with TV, press and online executions.
The online work will focus on driving people to a tax calculator that will work out how much tax relief can be claimed to supplement their pensions.
Consumers will also be able to access an online, jargon-free guide to setting up a pension.
Mike Hoban, customer and brand marketing director, says UK tax-payers are missing out on £5.5bn in unclaimed contributions. “We’re hoping that by using this evolving multimedia channel it will allow us to drive the message home to our target audience in a direct and relevant way,” he says.


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