Screen DM files to avoid death traps

Your Trends article about direct mail (MW 14 January) provided a great insight into the public’s perceptions of direct marketing. What was clearly evident was that consumers would dismiss and dispose of any direct mail that had incorrect salutation, which considering the amount of investment that was injected into a direct mail campaign should be a warning heeded by all marketers.

However, the research failed to include any insight into direct mail sent to the deceased and the irreversible impact this can have on your brand. Over 1,500 people die in the UK every day, so it is essential that all DM campaigns are screened for deceased individuals, avoiding brand damage and ultimately generating a greater
return on investment.

Jo Bell, commercial director, Mortascreen


Booze culture: A social concern

Advertising is not to blame for binge drinking culture

Marketing Week

I have much sympathy for the House of Commons Health Committee’s concerns about “the consequences of binge drinking”, but the problems of cider swilling, teenage ne’er-do-wells congregating on street corners is a much deeper societal issue than can be solved by a bit of tinkering with advertising regulation.

High street bankers must fear Virgin

Marketing Week

If Virgin’s airline approach – which focused on its first and business class offering – lands on the high street then the big boys of banking should be worried. Targeting premium paying and high-value customers, who will self-fund exceptional banking service, is vital, especially in an era of slow growth banking business models and a need to invest in individual relationships.


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