Security fears hamper e-retailing success in UK

Consumers are still worried about e-commerce, despite frequent reports about growing confidence with online transactions, according to the Telegraph Group.

The newspaper group used its database of Electronic Telegraph registered users to explore how its UK readers use the Internet.

Consumers who have yet to make an online purchase stated their main concerns were security of credit card details mentioned by over two-thirds of respondents while almost half stressed the lack of physical contact.

Other reasons for resisting e-commerce included the expected difficulties of returning unwanted goods, lack of a real person to talk to and the perception that it is a complicated process.

The majority of respondents said that if there were further security guarantees from financial institutions and online retailers, they would consider accessing e-commerce sites more frequently.

E-shopping alone is predicted to hit &£10bn in the UK next year, according to NOP, and dot-com flotations are distorting the normal workings of the stock market.

However, the Telegraph’s research findings put the issue into context by highlighting what consumers feel still needs to be done to encourage online purchases.

The top five online retailers used by Electronic Telegraph readers are: Amazon, Easyjet, CDNow, Interflora and Ticketmaster.

The research showed that a third of the sample already bank online and a fifth spent over &£100 for their last Internet purchase.


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