Seeing is believing

Our clients have been demanding virtual “dashboards” for some time, and we’ve found them to be invaluable instruments that support a much more dynamic and focused use of data and insight.

Through the development of these bespoke visualisation tools, we’ve been able to furnish clients with a means of easily interrogating their data, which in turn has encouraged greater exploration and application of insight in everything from marketing campaigns to loyalty programmes.

Best of all, dashboards have also been useful in helping to demystify data at all levels within an organisation and in developing our clients’ understanding of the role data can and should play in customer communication.

A combination of technology, interactivity and common sense will ensure data visualisation evolves and continues to drive data-driven marketing in 2010 and beyond.

Amanda Arthur, Data planning and analytics director, EHS Brann Discovery





Digital technologies take place on retail landscape

Marketing Week

I don’t think it should come as any surprise that more brands are bringing digital techniques into the realm of the physical retail environment (MW 7 January). As your article points out, brand owners must take care to only use technology when it adds genuine value to the shopping experience, but this is true of any store activity.


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