Sega chief to share top job at Gameplay, the Internet and digital TV computer games site which is to launch on the Open system, has hired another marketer to jointly head its UK expansion programme.

Andy Mee, former Sega Europe marketing director, is to join marketing chief Steven Blackburn in the company’s growing marketing department. Both will hold the title of marketing director.

The digital TV site is to launch next month, supported by a Gameplay-branded TV show. The campaign will focus initially on game sales.

Gameplay sells games online and acts as a network to enable people to play against each other on the Net.

The company is to advertise for the first time on November 1 in a &£2.5m online and offline campaign through Martin Waxman Associates and online agency Incline Media.

In the coming year, Gameplay aims to sign partnership deals with European retailers to support Continental sales.

Gameplay was launched on AIM in August. It was initially valued at &£30m.


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