Sega to launch official 2008 Olympics game this month

Beijing%20Olympics%20logoSega, the video games company, is launching its official Olympic Games title later this month. It will be backed by a major TV campaign and sponsorship deal with Sky.

The company, which has the licence to release games using the Olympic rings and official Games 2008 logo, will release Sega Beijing 2008 Olympics on June 27, six weeks before the event.

Sega UK marketing manager Grant Gie says the idea of launching the game early was to allow it more time in the market. He says/ “We hope to generate a slow burn, getting gamers on early and then picking up others in a second sweep during the Games.”

The TV campaign has been created by integrated agency Frontroom with media planning and buying by Target Media. Sega has also signed a deal to sponsor Sky’s daily Olympic highlights show throughout the Games.

The title, released on Xbox, PS3 and PC, has online capability that allows players to compete against each other.

Gie adds: “It is a global event and the game can be played on a world scale, which is an important development since 2004.”

Sega is also continuing to promote its Mario and Sonic Olympic title, six months after its Christmas launch. The company says it is the first time it has supported a game so long after it was introduced. It adds it may even run new advertising during the Olympics.


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