Sega to target adults with brand extensions

Sega, the computer games giant, is launching a range of associated goods including clothes, sports equipment and watches, under its Sega Sports brand in an attempt to retain its customers’ loyalty beyond the age of 18.

The clothing range, which includes jackets, fleeces, hats and sweatshirts, was presented to buyers last month at the fashion trade fair 40 degrees. Graham Swabe, licensing director at First Artist Licensing, which is handling the business for Sega Sports label, says many big retailers are interested in stocking the label, including C&A, John Lewis and GUS.

Swabe explains that the core market for Sega consoles lies in the ten-to-18 age range: “They sit in their bedrooms playing games for hours, then when they turn 18 they discover girls and pubs and the computer gets locked away in the loft.” Clothing and other goods are a way of taking the brand to a more mature market.

Sega watches, which are being manufactured by Henderson, will be available from this summer, as will the shoes, which are being made by Melita.

Dutch company Smits is manufacturing Sega Sports-branded footballs and basketballs. These, and plans to market branded snowboards and rollerblades, build on the subject matter of existing games such as NBA Action 98 and Sega Worldwide Soccer 98.

Other plans include the launch of a range of bags and, according to Swabe, a chocolate manufacturer is interested in using the Sega Sports brand.


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