Seize the moment

These are challenging times for the media industry but in this evolving digital world, there is actually a fantastic opportunity for newspaper groups to drive new revenue streams, grow their share of audience and increase reader loyalty. However, key to this opportunity is the ability to successfully commercialise their product offering without making readers pay for traditional news content.

The Sun
Free for all: Develop new revenues

Instead, by adopting a model that enables money to be generated through the availability of additional chargeable service and content – for example, location-based services, mobile application downloads, IPTV services and competitions to name a few – publishers can maximise their revenues without alienating their core readership.

Times may be tough, but there are some real opportunities for those publishers that are brave enough to make the staff and operational changes required to maximise the new media marketplace.

Gary Corbett, commercial director, Oxygen8 Communications


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