Senior marketers give their views on how marketing can win control of the digital strategy

Three top marketers explain how the marketing profession can ensure it is given the respect and trust needed to take the key decisions about their brand’s strategy for taking advantage of digital technology.

“Marketers must have tech expertise and people that understand technology in their team. Everyone in marketing needs a degree of education to keep up to speed with what’s possible.

We all need that every six months, as technology is moving so fast. We can then have a decent debate with the tech team; you have to be able to work closely with them because they will help you make this stuff happen.”

“Firstly, keep up to date and make sure you are deeply expert in digital channels. We have worked hard to reposition the team as that across the organisation.

We have taken active roles in training and enabling market development in sales, running sessions and publishing booklets on how to use different channels for different conversations.”

“The key thing is to have really good brand guidelines in place that everyone buys into. It is absolutely about working together, having standards and communicating consistently. We need to work hand-in-hand with other departments because often if something is trialled and is successful the tendency is to plough down that route, but we may be able to make it more successful if we [come together and] tweak it.”

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