Setting standards in bespoke environment

statue%20of%20libertyJo-Anne Flack’s feature on live events (MW January 25) once again raised the thorny issue of evaluation. However, although a medium may be considered difficult to evaluate, it doesn’t make it any less effective. Evaluation in experiential marketing is challenging, not because the discipline is bespoke.

KLP evaluates all its projects against client business objectives and there are clear returns. For example, a one-night event in New York for a global drinks brand netted more than $10m (£5.1m) in media coverage. Also, a brand experience programme in Italy resulted in an increase of 15 percentage points in market value and the territory becoming the lead European market in 2006.

Although evaluation is a constant for KLP, we will keenly welcome industry standards, such as the Marketing Communication Consultants Association’s forthcoming Metrics Group, consisting of leading academics, brand owners and a few industry heavyweights.

The Metrics Group aims to come up with definitive measurement criteria that work across all disciplines. Hopefully it will put paid to those cynics who judge the UK’s second fastest growing medium on its drawbacks rather than its many advantages.  

Natasha Kizzie
Head of entertainment
London W1F


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