Why shared experiences are the next frontier for virtual reality

From Google Daydream and HTC Vive to shared virtual reality experiences, Marketing Week talks to Framestore’s co-founder Mike McGee to explore the latest in VR for the next instalment of Digital Decoded.


Google, Facebook, Samsung and HTC have all developed and launched VR products, and brands are increasingly looking to create content for these platforms.

Statista predicts the total number of active virtual reality users will reach 171 million by 2018, while revenues from VR software is forecast to achieve a 3,000% increase in four years.

But as consumer behaviour changes brands need to move VR from a singular experience to a shared one.

Creative studio Framestore’s Mike McGee talks to Marketing Week about the latest VR experiences and what this means for brand storytelling, as well as the new technology that’s enabling it and why shared virtual reality will be the next big thing.