Sharp set to introduce a range of air purifiers

Sharp Electronics is launching a range of air purifiers that neutralise mould spores and germs, as well as eliminating odours such as cigarette smoke. It claims research has shown that the products may be able to eradicate the flu virus.

The range marks Sharp’s first move into air purifying products. It believes that the Plasma Cluster technology will benefit professional health care environments, such as hospitals and dentist surgeries, as well as the home market.

The purifiers will be launched as a health and wellbeing range in April, to coincide with the launch of the second unit in the range. A third unit will be unveiled later in the year.

The Air Purifier FU-40 SEK has just been launched and is aimed at the home market. It has been given British Allergy Association accreditation as it removes house mite dust, cat allergens and pollen.

The air purifiers will be branded as The Health Caire Range from Sharp, with the word Caire incorporating the Plasma Cluster Ion technology logo. Sharp’s media agency TCS Media North has already been briefed about the launch. It will use agency Angel Meadow Advertising for the creative work, which will focus on the health benefits of the range.

The air purifier costs &£400. It contains Plasma Cluster Technology that automatically monitors the air, using dust and odour sensors. When the air is not clean, the purifier releases the cluster ions to break down unpleasant smells and eliminate dust and other pollutants.


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