Sharwoods story created a mix up

I was disappointed to read an inaccurate report entitled “Sharwood’s links with Sodexho for takeaway meal service” (MW February 24) and feel I should take time to expand on this issue.

RHM Foodservice, the food service arm of the RHM Group, has worked closely with Sodexho for some months in testing a home meal replacement (HMR) scheme known as “Now for later”, using the Sharwood’s brand-name. RHM Foodservice, which operates in the catering sector, is a sister company to Centura, which offers the Sharwood’s brand in the retail market, and does not, as this article stated, own Centura.

The HMR trial gives employees the opportunity to order a frozen Sharwood’s ready-meal at lunchtime, from their staff restaurant and collect it at the end of the working day. This offers a convenient meal alternative for those who either do not wish to, or cannot stop at, either a takeaway or supermarket on their way home from work.

Meals are not, as suggested in your article, prepared on site by in-house caterers. Rather the concept offers Sharwood-branded frozen meals in a convenient format. This ensures both consistency and quality – an important consideration for people choosing an ethnic meal that is not from their local, known and trusted, Indian or Chinese restaurant.

The trial results are to be assessed but, until then, no decision has been taken on whether the concept will be extended further.

Jeff Ames

Trade sector manager

RHM Foodservice


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