Shooters open fire on Snowdrop

The hunting, shooting and fishing brigade has taken such exception to a cinema advertisement from anti-gun lobbyists the Snowdrop Campaign it has flooded the Advertising Standards Authority with complaints – a total of 47 as the Diary went to press.

Strangely, the ad through Delaney Fletcher Bozell has not even been screened yet, and it won’t be seen for another two days (Friday).

The Diary wonders how many of these complaints were prompted by a double-page spread on the campaign in last week’s Shooting Times & Country Magazine featuring an instructive article headlined “Compile a letter to the ASA using the points listed below.”

It then went on to reassure all readers: “You do not have to see the advert personally in order to have the right of complaint against the portrayal of shooting.”

Reasoned debate based on sound judgement – who needs it?


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