Sick ad medium has it in the bag

Top ad man Trevor Beattie claimed in a recent newspaper interview that advertising would soon be bombarding us from all directions – even from “underneath the toilet seat”.

The Diary can now reveal just how right he is, thanks to eagle-eyed Raoul Pinnell.

Pinnell, Shell’s branding and communications supremo, was travelling on an Alitalia flight, when he spotted an ad on what for some unfortunate air passengers is the nearest thing they can get to a toilet – a sick bag.

The ad, for Asta Medica Travelgum, said it contained properties to stop “mal d’auto, mal di mare, mal d’aria” (or car sickness, sea sickness and air sickness for those of you who don’t speak Italian).

Pinnell says: “I’m sure your team can work out the specific message, and the strategic significance of this major new ad medium.” The Diary has no idea, but wonders if the medium’s full impact is felt before, after or during use.


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