Simply Washing

P24_Andrew_GlenProduct: Simply Washing

People behind it:
Name: Gerry Hinton and Andrew Glen (pictured)

Gerry Hinton worked for Procter & Gamble for more than a decade before coming up with the idea for washing powder in a soluble “tea bag”, which he launched seven years ago. But the original Aquados UK went into administration, forcing Hinton to find new backers, buy back the rights and relaunch. In 2006, Andrew Glen, who as commercial director at Tetley had overseen the launch of round tea bags, joined Aquados as sales and marketing director and oversaw the development of a completely new brand, Simply Washing.

P24_Eco_SmartHow innovative?
The Simply Washing proposition is effective eco-friendly clothes and dish washing products at about the same price as conventional rivals. It is the first UK laundry brand to be awarded the EU Eco-label licence by Defra; it uses 100% post-consumer waste for its packaging; and the company says that using individually packaged doses of powder that dissolve instantly on contact with water means 50% less powder is needed than big-box offerings and 36% less than conventional tablets.

Market success
Comprising three laundry products (the biological Simply Active, non-bio Simply Sensitive and hypoallergenic Simply Pure) and two Simply Dishwash fragrances (regular and citrus), the Simply range has achieved significant retail take-up. Launched in February 2007, it is listed by seven major multiples and a host of independents and it is predicted that sales will reach more than 25 million washes by the end of 2008.

How it fits
Most of the recent innovation in washing has been in how products are delivered. Although Simply has a patented delivery technology of its own, the real selling point is the pricing: eco friendliness at a conventional price. Hinton has stuck with the core brand idea, and has had the sense to bring in Andrew Glen, a marketer with a consumer brand background. The market – and the consumer – finally seems to be catching up with Hinton’s original vision.


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