Singapore Tourism empowers visitors with YourSingapore

The Singapore Tourism Board has refocused the Singapore destination brand from “Uniquely Singapore” to “YourSingapore”.

Your Singapore
Your Singapore

The aim is to place visitors at its core and to build on Singapore’s strengths as a destination. The strategy is to empower travellers to personalise their own Singapore experience, according to what they like, and how and when they want to experience it.

At the heart of the campaign is a holistic digital approach that includes a new website, significant investment into search engine marketing, blogger engagement, mobile, social media and travel e-commerce.

These platforms are devised to engage visitors pre, during and post arrival and will be aggressively promoted. Visitors are invited to plan their individual Singapore travel itinerary in a user-friendly manner and to share of experiences among travellers and residents alike.

Singapore Tourism Board invested £42 million in a global marketing initiative to promote the country last year under the banner.”2009 Reasons To Enjoy Singapore.”

Eunice Yeo, area director for Northern and Western Europe of the Singapore Tourism Board says, “YourSingapore builds upon Singapore’s unique attributes and the emotional connection that visitors experience in destination. It enables us to differentiate Singapore in the increasingly crowded destination brand marketplace.”

Yeo was appointed in September last year


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