Sinister sisters on Masons’ case

We read with great amusement Iain Murray’s article on Freemasonry (MW January 6). As first-class graduates of Oxford and Newcastle University respectively, we have chosen to join “the outré and even slightly sinister ranks of the PR industry” and are currently account managers at Z’est PR. “Not reactive, but proactive” may well be our mantra (with apologies if Murray, in all his cerebral glory, cannot grasp the difference).

However, we felt that as members of the “sisterhood”, we ought to say something in response.

At Z’est PR, our strategic canapé-sourcing and party-organising skills are indeed wasted, while we fritter away our time organising interviews for Breakfast with Frost and writing articles for The Times and speeches for the House of Lords, as well as lobbying the Government over music education rights. And I’m sure that Evelyn Glennie and the South African High Commission would consider it a little crass to pay for the services of people considered only a little too fastidious for prostitution.

As far as the Freemasons are concerned, we admit that despite all our experience we have had little contact with the fraternity. However, with their intriguing “special handshakes” and curious sartorial arrangements we could, without a doubt, pull off a swift GQ cover story, a profile piece in T2 – and even perhaps an appearance on BBC Breakfast News.

So, Worshipful Masters of the UK, please give us a ring. And rest assured, we won’t giggle!

Henrietta Mackenzie and Ellen MillerAccount managersZ’est Public RelationsLondon W1


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