Sir Alex warns fans over anti-Glazer campaign

Pressure group the Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) has rejected Sir Alex Ferguson’s claim that its campaign to oust the club’s owners could affect the performance of the team.

Sir Alex, the team’s manager, writes in the match programme for tonight’s (16 August) gameagainst Newcastle that it he did want the “controversy” caused by MUST’s protests to deflect from the team’s “purpose of winning matches”.

MUST is angry by the debt the Glazers have saddled the club with and is backing the Red Knights, the group of City financiers looking to buy the club.

Sir Alex says: “I have no problem with the green and gold campaign. Fans are entitled to protest as they see fit. But not to the detriment of the team.

“The fact is that the Glazer family own Manchester United and until such time as they decide they want to sell, they will stay as owners regardless of the opposition. So it comes down to the extent of the protest.”

MUST launched new activity last week after a season of protests during the last campaign failed to force a change of ownership at the club.

Posters are on display throughout Manchester using the line “New Season. Same goal”.

Duncan Drasdo, chief executive of MUST, claims that its “green and gold” campaign, named after the team’s original colours, hasactually led to an “improved atmosphere” and vowed to continue its protests.

“Green & Gold will remain a powerful symbol of the continued desire for a change in ownership at Manchester United – a desire which burns within the vast majority of Manchester United supporters whatever colours they choose to wear,” he adds.


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