Sir Paul in digital deal with HP

Hewlett Packard is to digitise the entire back catalogue of Sir Paul McCartney.

Hewlett Packard is to digitise the entire back catalogue of Sir Paul McCartney.

The deal with MPL, McCartney’s company, includes images, artwork, paintings, film and videos, as well as Sir Paul’s music library spanning his time in the Beatles to more recent solo work.

This is first time HP has collaborated with an artist in this way.

The ex-Beatle says: “I’ve always been interested in creative ideas and new ways of reaching people, so this is a really exciting initiative for me.”

“I hope it will allow people who might be interested to access parts of our archives they might otherwise not be able to,” he adds.

Hewlett Packard’s involvement in the project includes digitising the content and creating a content management system. The content will be stored in a private cloud environment, and be co-managed by HP and MPL.

Cloud computing allows the sharing of resources, power and information on web, rather than the users computer.

Tom Hogan, executive vice president sales and marketing at HP,says: “Paul McCartney has always been a trendsetter in the music industry and HP has been at the forefront of technology innovation,”

“We are proud that he turned to HP as a trusted partner to help him preserve his legacy and set a new vision for the industry.”


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