Sitecore white paper: digital design shift — from mobile to multichannel

Famously coined as a rallying cry by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, “mobile first” has evolved into a book, a design philosophy and, among today’s digital marketing professionals, a topic of spirited debate. While the mobile channel is indeed the most popular for reading emails and accessing Facebook, should “mobile first” translate into “tablet and desktop a distant second and third”?

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Logic, and the numbers, indicates the contrary. For example, in 2013 there will be an estimated 140 million smartphone users and 123 million tablet users in the US. Pew Research recently quantified the astounding rise of tablet computers, finding that fully one third of US adults own a tablet device, up from just three per cent in May 2010. Meanwhile, 90 per cent of smartphone owners access the same email account on mobile and desktop.

And what about serious, considered purchases? The digital mass market makes the majority of its purchases via their home personal computers, and today 40.6 per cent of buyers consult multiple channels — from websites and traditional catalogues to smartphones, tablets and stores — before buying big-ticket home retail items. In 2002, only 10.1 per cent of people consulted three channels…

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