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  1. Joel N Rendle 18 Sep 2015

    Hashtags, brand mentions, twitter references and the extraordinarily amusing term “expressions of love” don’t mean anything. The title of this article is “spectacular social media campaigns and their results”. Results means cash. Actual cash generated by sales. Marketing directors should state results in terms of “sales increased by x% as a result of this campaign”.

    Why have none of these results featured actual results? Is that because they didn’t actually produce measurable sales?

    • David Evans 20 Sep 2015

      Couldn’t agree more. I had the same thoughts. Through campaign tagging, sales could easily have been tracked. The makeup campaign was clever, but this was essentially a competition using something like offer pop. Hardly ground breaking but I’ve used it before to good effect.

    • Roland Scull 22 Sep 2015

      Exactly! It’s like a TV campaign being a success because a 30 sec X Factor slot had 10m viewers! Did it sell stuff?!?

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