Six ways small businesses can use Facebook to drive growth

Ahead of her presentation at Marketing Week Live, Felicity McCarthy, EMEA SMB Marketing Manager at Facebook outlines six ways small and medium businesses can use Facebook to drive growth.

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Advice for small businesses. 

Think through your objectives. What is going to be a strong message? Where does that land the person? Do you want to drive them to a landing page on your website or do you want to drive them to a store.

Good content

Focus on your page, make sure you are consistently posting good quality content to it and that it is timely and relevant. Make it feel natural. Bring your innovation to your page posting strategy – use it to bring your brand personality to life and give you that invaluable word of mouth megaphone effect.

Reach your target

You can do this through profile whether that is demographic, location, life stage, or relationships. There are more advanced targeting capabilities too where you can load your data of existing customers to be able to get the right message to the right target audience.

Hone your message

It isn’t just reach it is about using targeting tools to get the right message to the right audience. Test and iterating is impactful and really allows you to get value for money. Create three ads into a particular target audience. Stop the two that are performing less well and create more versions of the ones that are performing very well.

Track your reporting

Track how everything is performing. For example your page insights will show you what content people are really responding well to ande that can inform your ad campaign. Equally with your ad reporting you can see what ads people are responding well to and make decisions on which ones to create more of. You can see which segments are responding and invest your budget accordingly.

Starting conversations

Think about your page posts and your conversations as stories. Stories are most engaging when there is a hook and when it is succinct. Make it engaging in two ways: ask questions, ask for opinions, and solicit input and feedback from your community of advocates. Leveraging a conversational tone of voice, allow people to get closer to the personality of the brand.

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